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Mom Talk Radio is the first radio talk show dedicated to real-life moms. Hosted by Maria Bailey, author, founder of, co-founder of and mother of four active kids. Each week Maria tackles issues important to moms, featuring expert guests with real-life answers on topics from health and safety to food and finances, and everything in between.

This week on Mom Talk Radio, developmental psychologist, researcher, educator and author of Raising Can-Do Kids, Richard Rende, Ph.D., shares the importance of raising kids to have an entrepreneurial spirit. Spotlight on Moms features Ellen Cusack of Sally Loughridge, Ph.D., author of Daniel and His Starry Night Blanket, shares how her newest book can help families in which children have life threatening illnesses. Jessica Lahey, author of The Gift of Failure, shares the value of self-reliance and resilience.Linda Septien, CEO of the Sepien Entertainment Group, shares the benefits of music for children.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Tara Jaye Frank, VP of Multicultural Strategy for Hallmark Cards, shares how women can plan a more purposeful path to advancement. Spotlight on Moms features Trina O’Boyle of Drs. Ron and Cherie Santasiero share signs of addiction parents should be aware of. Amy McCready, author of The “ME, ME, ME” Epidemic, talks how raising entitled kids can be problematic.Emmitt Smith, NFL legend and father of five, shares tips to prep for the back-to-school season.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Dr. Shoshana Bennett, clicnical psychologist, shares the difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression. Spotlight on Moms features Pebbles Thompson of Dental Hygienist, Carol Jahn, RDH, MS, shares why flossing is so important and how water flossing works. Online Safety Expert at Intel Security, Stacey Connor, shares travel safety tips. Mark Cheverton, author of Invasion of the Overworld, addresses the sensitive topic of bullying.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, author of Confessions of the Perfect Mom, Kat Ryan, shares tips and tricks for everything from temper tantrums to potty training. Spotlight on Moms features Jessica Turner of Dr. Dale Archer, author of The ADHD Advantage: What You Thought Was a Diagnosis May Be Your Greatest Strength, shares the strengths of those diagnosed with ADHD. Robert Buettner, author of Orphanage, asks ‘Do Contemporary Female Action Heroes Dis-serve Women?’ US President of DySIS Medical, Kim Stebbings, talks the importance of women’s health.

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