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Mom Talk Radio is the first radio talk show dedicated to real-life moms. Hosted by Maria Bailey, author, founder of, co-founder of and mother of four active kids. Each week Maria tackles issues important to moms, featuring expert guests with real-life answers on topics from health and safety to food and finances, and everything in between.
“Mommy Guilt? Learn to worry less, focus on what matters most, and raise happier kids

This week Maria speaks with Devra Renner & Aviva Pflock, co-authors of “Mommy Guilt? Learn to worry less, focus on what matters most, and raise happier kids.  Next she speaks with Margaret Sagarese, co-author of “Boy Crazy!?  Keeping your daughter’s feet on the ground when her head is in the clouds.  Janice Karman, President of Bagdasarian Productions, creator of “Little Alvin and the Mini-munks? (pre-school-age versions of the same Chipmunks) and Laura Oles, author of “Digital Photography for Busy Women? How to Manage, Protect and Preserve Your Favorite Photos .

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Being “Present? With Your Children - For The Mind That Doesn’t Stop

This week Maria speaks with Stacy Philips, author of "Divorce: It's All About Control, Judy Carden, author of "What Husbands Need:  Reaching his Heart and Reclaiming his Passion, Sandra Lee Stewart Epstein, Being Present with your Children - For the Mind that Doesn't Stop and Dr. Peter Rabins, author of "Getting Old Without Getting Anxious"

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The Wall Between Women:  The Conflict Between Stay-at-Home and Employed Mothers

This week Maria talks with Beth Brykman, author of "The Wall Between Women: The conflict between Stay-at-home and Employed Mothers".  Next she speaks with Dr. Sorai Stuart, author of "Nutrition For Your Body, Mind & Spirit" Dr. Sorai talks about the 7 simple steps to get your child to eat better.  Next Dave Veerman, author of "Letting Them Go: Prepare your Heart, Prepare your Child for Leaving Home.

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