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Mom Talk Radio is the first radio talk show dedicated to real-life moms. Hosted by Maria Bailey, author, founder of, co-founder of and mother of four active kids. Each week Maria tackles issues important to moms, featuring expert guests with real-life answers on topics from health and safety to food and finances, and everything in between.
The Busy Mom Syndrome

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company, talks about the spirit of innovation with The Doozers. Dishing on Dinner features Jessica McFadden of Emily Korrell, educator and former Smithsonian museum docent shares secrets from her new book, Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian. Becky Blades, author of Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone, shares what dirty, stinky jeans have to do with dying alone. The Mojo Coach, Debi Silber, talks exhaustion-a common busy mom syndrome.

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Overcoming Autism

This week on Mom Talk Radio, author Claire LaZebnik, shares tips from her book Overcoming Autism: Finding the Answers, Strategies, and Hope That Can Transform a Child’s Life. Dishing on Dinner features Geri Chase of Amy Griffith, nationally certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor, shares tips on staying fit during pregnancy. Dr. Annie Forslund, of Home Pet Euthanasia shares tips for dealing with the loss of a pet. Natalie Angelillo, founder of, shares how using the marketplace helps local schools.

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Fighting Germs with Essential Oils

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Anea Bogue, B. Ed., M.A., shares tips from her book, 9 Ways We’re Screwing Up Our Girls and How We Can Stop . Dishing on Dinner features Wendy Wright of Nadine Bubeck, author of Expecting Perfect: My Bumpy Journey to Mommyhood, talks high risk pregnancy. Dr. Kimmi Stultz, Pharm.D, CPh, shares information about GermWarrior and how essential oils act as a natural germ fighting remedy. Melissa Bossola Beese, founder of Little Pnuts, shares how she turned her personal circumstances into a successful business.

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