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Mom Talk Radio is the first radio talk show dedicated to real-life moms. Hosted by Maria Bailey, author, founder of, co-founder of and mother of four active kids. Each week Maria tackles issues important to moms, featuring expert guests with real-life answers on topics from health and safety to food and finances, and everything in between.
Divorcing Wisely, Overweight Kids, Women Betray other Women at Work,Asian Parents Raise High Achievers

This week Maria talks with Cindy Hide author of 7 Steps to Divorcing Wisely, Abby Ellin author of Teenage Waistland a look into the lives of overweight kids, Nan Mooney, author of I Can't Believe She Did That! Why Women Betray Other Women at Work and Jane Kim author of Top of the Class, How Asian Parents Raise High Achievers-and how you can too.

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How to Save your Marriage Before its Too Late, My Backyard, Happy Children

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Dr. John Jacobs tells you how to save your marriage before it's too late. We talk with Randall Rosilli creator of My Backyard Books and CDs. Also, Elaine Addison a modern-day Mary Poppins has worked for many high profile clients, her childcare recipe is discipline plus fun, and Dr. Harvey Karp author of The Happiest Baby on the Block book and DVD with the secrets of calming crying babies.

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