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What If the Roles Were Reversed

Paula Chin, one of Family Circle’s Senior Editors, discusses role reversal-Taking Care of Your Parents, with Maria.  Then, Dave Ingber of Knewton, joins to talk about SAT Test Prep Price Wars.  Next, Vianka Perez Belyea, co-founder of Rhoost, discusses bringing function and style to childproofing.  The Mom’s Roundtable asks do you and your family always go away on a summer vacation?  If so, how do you decide where to go? Finally, Peter Martin, creator of Hallmark’s Asteroid Andy, joins in.

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Margit Ragland, Family Circle magazine’s Health Director, discusses the importance of family heart health with Maria.  Then Judy Christa-Cathey, the Vice President of Hampton Brand Marketing for Hilton Worldwide, discusses Hampton Hotels and their current programs.  After, Jean Marie Gilman, the Dean of Undergraduate Admission at Saint Louis University, talks about the college recruitment process.  Followed by The Mom’s Roundtable which will be discussing tips on working from home while the kids are home.  Finally Kim Orlando, founder of, will talk about family road trips with Maria.

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Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Happy This Summer

Regina Ragone Family Circle’s Food Director and a Registered Nutritionist, joins Maria to talk about cutting sugar out of your kids’ diets.  Then, Carla Birnberg one of our fitness experts, will be talking about five tips for raising kids who like to exercise. Followed by Betsy Brown Braun, who will discuss her book You’re Not The Boss Of Me: Brat Proofing Your Kids. Then the Mom’s Roundtable answers the question, how do you keep your children entertained while traveling.  Maria wraps up the show with Molly Gold of GoMomInc, who is here to talk about Kids Summer Sports schedules.

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Is your Teen Ready for the Real World

Gay Edelman from Family Circle will be discussing Teens and Summer Jobs with Maria.  Dr. Daisy Sutherland will then answer the question, "Is your Teen Ready for the Real World?  Next, Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg will discuss her book "The Smart Parent's Guide to Getting Your Kids Through Checkups, Illnesses and Accidents."  The Mom's Roundtable will talk about summer activities for kids.  Finally, organizational expert Kathi Burns will be talking about saving kids artwork and memories.

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