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Mom Talk Radio is the first radio talk show dedicated to real-life moms. Hosted by Maria Bailey, author, founder of, co-founder of and mother of four active kids. Each week Maria tackles issues important to moms, featuring expert guests with real-life answers on topics from health and safety to food and finances, and everything in between.

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Family Expert, Dana Angelo White MS, RD, ATC, author of First Bites, shares important nutrients for kids . Spotlight on Moms features Melissa Winchell of Mitzi Weinman, author of It’s About Time!, shares why time management is a myth and how to you can help your children become better organized. Rebecca Miller Ffrench, author of The Ultimate Blender Cookbook, shares how busy moms can benefit from using a blender. Deborah Hamui, founder and CEO of Sleep’n Sync, shares how audio can help change your child’s behavior during the day.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Family Expert, Notoya Green, shares tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions . Spotlight on Moms features Dee Kelly of Josselyne Herman Saccio, performance coach for Landmark Education, shares tips on how to create the job you love. Tara Mataraza Desmond, author of Full Belly, shares tips for keeping a nutritious diet and Full Belly throughout your pregnancy. Steve Biddulph, author of Raising Girls, provides some of the key difference to keep in mind when raising girls vs boys.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Eden Morris and Alisha Merrick AKA Laughing Moms, share how they came up with the idea to start their YouTube channel. Spotlight on Moms features Sarah Mock of Rebecca Crowover, founder of shares why it’s important to know where your food comes from. Anders Porter, member of Team Core Power shares tips for avoiding weight gain. Jeff Cohen, CEO of shares information on deciding between renting and buying textbooks.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Jennifer Tyler Lee, Author of The 52 New Foods Challenge, shares steps to end your picky eater problem. Spotlight on Moms features Honoree Corder of Routh Soukup, author of Living Well, Spending Less, 12 Secrets Of The Good Life, shares tips on finding your “Sweet Spot”. Retirement Consultant and author of A Bright Financial Future: Teaching Kids About Money Pre-K through College for Life-Long Success, Danny Kofke, shares advice on talking to your kids about money. Colby Zintl, S.VP. of Communications for DripDrop shares why it is important to make hydration your New Year’s resolution.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Michael Gorman, Editor in Chief of Engadget, shares up and coming tech gadgets. Spotlight on Moms features Jillian Darlington of Tammy Gold, Licensed Therapist, Certified Coach, and Parenting & Childcare Expert shares tips from her book, Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer. Marie Delanote, author of The Healing of the 1lb Baby, shares the story of her premature daughter’s birth. Dr. Felicia Stoler, registered dietitian, exercise physiologist and expert consultant in nutrition and healthful living, shares tips for getting through flu season.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Bill Henderson, co-author of Cancer Free: Your Guide to Gentle Non-toxic Healing, shares tips from his book. Spotlight on Moms features Nicola Joshua of Amy Julia Becker, author and blogger, shares the message of her newest book, Small Talk. Mike Song, co-author of The Hamster Revolution: How to Manage Your Email Before It Manages You, shares 3 smart strategies that can save you your job. Dale Ryan, photographer and author of Sleeping With the Beast, shares why it’s a wonderful thing to adopt a dog.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Jessica Ballard of shares her Holiday Gift Guide for last-minute shopping. Spotlight on Moms features Alison Smith of Lisa Leake, Author of 100 Days of Real Food, shares tips for eating Real Food. Dr. April Jasper, OD, FAAO, shares information on maintaining your child’s vision health. Sharon Thayer, author of The Myth of Santa’s Beard, shares how the publishing of her book helps non-profit organizations.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Shelby Barone, founder of OC Mom Media, shares the must have gifts of the season. Spotlight on Moms features Diane Lauer of Heidi Schultz, author of Hook’s Revenge, shares her inspiration for retelling the Peter Pan story. Sue Reninger, mother and Barista Baking Company representative, shares tips for making guests feel at home. Sarah Janssen, Senior Editor of The World Almanac and Book of Facts, shares some of the fun new stats and facts available in the 2015 edition of the Almanac.

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