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The Search for the Ultimate Soccer Mom

This week on Mom Talk Radio, Bob Mohney, Director of Product Development at Olympian Labs, shares tips for avoiding vitamin scams. Dishing on Dinner features Mike Brill of Award winning athlete, Mia Hamm, shares information about the search for the Ultimate Soccer Mom and shares tips to help moms stay healthy on the road. Steven Vannoy, author of The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children, shares the importance for parents to give these gifts to their children. Health educators, Carl and Jhoane Robinson, share tips for body cleansing.

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This week on Mom Talk Radio, Dave Engledow, author and photographer behind of Confessions of the World’s Best Father share the secrets behind his brilliant photographs with daughter Alice Bee. Dishing on Dinner features Maegen Blue of Author, Melanie Denman, talks about the motivation and inspiration for her book; Visiting The Sins. Lisa Erspamer, creator of A Letter to My Mom, shares what makes this book so special. Author of Refeathering the Empty Nest: Life After the Children Leave, Wendy Aronsson, shares tips for offsetting the emotions when dealing with “the Shift.”

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