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From Liz Claiborne's 8th Annual "It's Time to Talk" event

Join Maria at the Liz Claiborne's 8th Annual "It's Time to Talk" event as she speaks with Ann Shoket, Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine. Stephanie Piston, State Director of the Sweetheart Program. Jennifer Kohn, Program Manager for the Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program. And, Allison Hall, Executive Director of PAAR, an agency that focuses on the treatment and prevention of Sexual Violence.

Since 1991 Liz Claiborne Inc. has been working to end domestic violence. Through its Love Is Not Abuse program, the company provides information and tools that men, women, children, teens, and corporate executives can use to learn more about the issue and find out how they can help end this epidemic.

This show is sponsored by Lands' End and Family Circle.

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